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It is all-important talent principle of the company to “Value Virtue and Ability and Prioritize Virtue rather than Ability”. “Virtue” is an essential condition of choosing talent, while “Ability” is a sufficiency condition of it. “People with Virtue and Ability will certainly be Put in an Important Position; People with Virtue but without Ability will be Cultivated to be Used; People with Ability but without Virtue are Used in a Limited Way; and People without Ability and Virtue are never to be Used.”

The basic requirements of “Virtue” are to observe discipline and abide by the law, have the sense of social responsibility, approve our value philosophy and enterprise culture, be honest and dedicated to work, careful and responsible. The fundamental standards of “Ability” are to meet requirements of post responsibilities, be adequate to work, and possess quality and skills for achieving good performance.

In terms of talent entrusting, the factory, under the talent philosophy of “Match Talent with Posts”, respects talents, gives full play to their advantages, pays attention to combination of job responsibilities with their individual quality, skills, and interests, and offers staff broad space for development through reasonable authorization and performance management

In terms of talent selection, the factory, under the talent philosophy of “Select Talent Instead of Assign Them”, insists on the combination of inner training with outer recruitment, and, under the principle of “Open, Fair, Impartial”, allocates posts through competition according to the process of application-qualification examination-written test and interview-democratic appraisal-investigation and appointment.