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  • Name: Water Pressure Sensor—HM4300
  • Number: HM4300
  • Range: 0~10bar
  • Output voltage: 0.5~4.5V
  • Supply voltage: 5±0.5 VDC
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Pressure Sensor(Transducer) For Water Pump—HM4300


     HM4300 series is designed for water pump controller, which the shell is made of metal material (copper or stainless steel), and sensor is made of imported pressure sensitive device, combining to the latest digital compensation technology with unique sensor technology.It is suitable for the measurement of non corrosive gas or liquid medium. The new structure has automatic anti leakage device, to prevent Water Leakage risk, ensure the reliability of the product.

     The products have passed CE and ROSH certification standards. 


Main technical parameters:

Range:            0~10bar           

Precision:         ±1.5%FS (typical value) 

Operating temperature:     -20℃~70℃

Compensation temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃

Storge temperature:      -40℃~80℃

Supply voltage: (Vcc)    5±0.5 VDC (HM4300)  

Output voltage:(Vout)    0.5~4.5V(HM4300)

Overload pressure:      0.8MPa

Pressure connection:     G1/4-19 or M20×1.5 to optional

Shell material:         Brass, stainless steel, PA66

Protection grade:       IP65

Measure medium:      Non corrosive gas, liquid