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  • Name: TMAP Sensor—HM8240
  • Number: HM8240
  • Range: 15~115kPa, 20~103kPa, 10~115kPa (can be customized)
  • Output voltage: 0.5~4.5VDC, 0.2~4.8VDC, 0.25~4.9VDC(can be customized)
  • Supply voltage: 5VDC
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Intake Manifold Temperature Pressure Sensor (TMAP)—HM8240

     HM8240 series products are mainly used for the measurement of automobile engine intake manifold air temperature pressure, recirculating exhaust gas temperature pressure, turbocharged gas temperature pressure, gas fuel temperature pressure etc.


     Intake temperature absolute pressure sensor use with temperature sensor (NTC) and absolute pressure (MAP) sensor integration, saves space and cost. its function is to test the temperature in the gas tube and the change of the absolute pressure at the same time, and to provide and compute the reference signal of the fuel duration time to the ECU (engine electronic control unit).


     This series of products with characteristics of EMC protection, high and low temperature resistance, vibration resistance, heat shock resistance and resistance to chemical pollution and so on, which suitable for bad environment, and can be customized to different shell and parameters to meet the needs of different models. It also can provide OEM service for customers.

Main technical parameters:

Range: 15~115kPa, 20~103kPa, 10~115kPa, 44.8~350kPa,
           20~250kPa, 50~350kPa, 50~400kPa (Optional or customized)                  
Precision: ±1.5%FS  
Operating temperature:    -40~130℃
Compensation temperature: 0~80℃
Storage temperature:       - 40~130℃
Supply voltage:          5VDC
Output voltage: 0.5~4.5VDC, 0.2~4.8VDC, 0.25~4.9VDC(Optional or customized)