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  • Name: Hydraulic High Pressure sensor—HM5501
  • Number: HM5501
  • Range: 0~3MPa, 0~5MPa, 0~26MPa, 0~50MPa
  • Output voltage: 0.5~4.5V
  • Supply voltage: 5VDC
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Hydraulic Sensor for Engineering Vehicle——HM5501


      HM5500 series stainless steel isolation type pressure transmitter adopts imported sensitive sensing element with the special digital compensation circuit, and package of 304 stainless steel shell structure. This series of products is with good temperature compensation technology, the stable using in the environment over a wide range of temperature changes. HM5500 series of products designed for engineering vehicles, hydraulic equipment, water cutting machine like excavators, loaders, heavy vehicles etc., especially suitable for high impact characteristics of the hydraulic system, and has excellent stability and reliability.



     This series of products with characteristics of EMC protection, high and low temperature resistance, vibration resistance, heat shock resistance and resistance to chemical pollution and so on, which suitable for bad environment, and can be customized to different shell and parameters to meet the needs of different models. It also can provide OEM service for customers.

l Main technical parameters:

Range:        0~3MPa, 0~5MPa, 0~26MPa, 0~50MPa        

Static accuracy           ±1%FS  

Operating temperature:     -40℃~120℃

Compensation temperature: -20℃~80℃

Storage temperature:       -40℃~125℃

Supply voltage:          5VDC

Output voltage:          0.5~4.5V

Zero drift:              ±1.5%FS

Pressure connection: G1/4-19,G3/8-19,M18×1.5 to Optional