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Ever-smart Sensor Technology

Main: vehicle pressure sensor, civil pressure sensor, industrial pressure sensor

Jiangmen Ever-smart Intelligent Control Instrument Co.,LTD

Main: Production and production systems for precision instrumentation

and pressure sensors

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Ever-smart Sensor Technology



Follow the principle of “professional quality, and sincere realization of mutual benefit”. The company provides customers with high-quality OEM, customized products and services, and sincerely look forward to working with you for friendly, extensive and in-depth cooperation.



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SHENZHEN Ever-smart Sensor Technology CO., LTD


Shenzhen Ever-smart Sensor Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise, including research and development, production and sales. For a long time, we have been focusing on the pressure sensor, covering  three areas: automotive pressure sensors, civil pressure sensors and industrial pressure transmitter.


We have inherited a history of more than ten years of achievements and experience in the field of pressure sensor, with continuous optimization, development and innovation. The products of Ever-smart completely reach or surpass the criteria of the same type of foreign products, among which, HM1000 series, HM4000 series, HM5000 series products are out of  the domestic initiative, which are leading the technology tide.


Ever-smart currently has an annual output capacity of about 2 million units  of various pressure sensors, with a professional research and development team, and quality assurance ability. Our distribution network has covered most markets of China as well as Europe, America, Min-East, Southeast Asia and other places.



Jiangmen Ever-smart Electronic Technology Co., LTD


Jiangmen Ever-smart Electronic Technology Co., LTD is a smart enterprise,   long-term concerning about the development and application of internet of things and intelligent manufacturing, and specializing in researching, developing and producing  pressure sensor high-precision detection equipment and dedicated production system equipment.


Found in the further study of industry, with the growing popularity of the concept about Internet of things and intelligent manufacturing, demand for pressure sensors in China has grown rapidly in recent years. This way, on the one hand, it has brought enterprise wide market opportunities, on the other hand,  it also creates great pressure on the enterprise's production and management, for example, product quality and precision are difficult to meet the application requirements which are more and more complicated, it is difficult to enroll and management the technical workers, labor costs soaring and so on,  troubling the enterprise all the time.


Responsing to the need of intelligent manufacturing, we have developed pressure sensor high-precision detection equipment and dedicated production system equipment. For the pressure sensor manufacturers, we can help them greatly lower the testing labor intensity, reduce the number of workers, improve the product quality, speeding up the production efficiency, and reducing production costs .


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