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Ever-smart Sensor Technology

Main: vehicle pressure sensor, civil pressure sensor, industrial pressure sensor

Jiangmen Ever-smart Intelligent Control Instrument Co.,LTD

Main: Production and production systems for precision instrumentation

and pressure sensors

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Ever-smart Sensor Technology



Follow the principle of “professional quality, and sincere realization of mutual benefit”. The company provides customers with high-quality OEM, customized products and services, and sincerely look forward to working with you for friendly, extensive and in-depth cooperation.



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Three In One Wireless Measuring Instrument

Wireless metering meters can be divided into induction, electrolysis and static three types according to the different focus of measurement. The error of induction measurement results is inevitable, which limits its function and hinders its application. Static data measurement is done through electronic power conversion, so electronic is the core of static wireless metering meter. For static wireless metering meter, its application is the most extensive, because in addition to accurate measurement results, relatively strong load capacity, consumption of less energy, but also has the advantages of easy to carry.
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Product Description


Classification of wireless meter?


The intelligent wireless metering meter generally has two modules with different functions: power measurement and data processing. Electrical energy measurement module can be divided into two categories, respectively electromechanical pulse type and all-electronic wireless metering meter, its application field is also different with its characteristics.


Product functions and characteristics

It is suitable for oilfield, water conservancy, fire control pipe network, tap water pipe network and other smart city application scenarios

Integrated pressure acquisition and wireless data communication

Low-power battery power supply

Wide working voltage, strong anti-interference ability, data is not easy to lose

Digital signal output, convenient for users to read directly

Signal amplification, and has a good temperature compensation technology

High sensitivity and fast response speed

Accurate measurement results


Jiangmen Ever-smart Intelligent Control Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013. We are an intelligent manufacturing enterprise integrating product design, research and development, production and sales.

Since its establishment, our company has been deeply involved in the fields of instrumentation, sensors, testing equipment, and automation control systems.

At present, our products have covered pressure sensors, high accuracy digital pressure gauges, high accuracy detectors, high accuracy pressure controllers, automatic production pressure calibration systems and other major categories, and continue to develop in series.

Our company adheres to the principle of "professional to create high-quality goods, sincere to achieve a win-win situation", and has always strived to create greater value for customers with leading technology.


Facing the future, we will continue to advance, driven by technological innovation and market-oriented, and strive to build a first-class brand in the industry.


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